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DIY Kitchen redecorating on a low budget

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  • Laminated backsplash or tiles
  • Herbs for a herb garden
  • Frosted glass and new cabinet doors
  • Fresh paint
  • New shutters


Redecorating your kitchen may sound as if you’ll need loads of cash to do so, but our inspired DIY project will have you gleaming with joy upon your success without breaking the bank. Yes, in this DIY project you get to spruce up your old kitchen by just adding a few easy changes. Bring out the tools!

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Paso 1: Change the cabinet doors

Since the front doors are what the eyes see, this is what needs to change. By only changing the front doors, you'll save lots as opposed to the entire cabinet boxes and shelves. You can also opt to remove some of the doors as a contemporary take to displaying some interesting kitchen items. You can replace some doors with frosted glass where you can display the glassware.

Paso 2: New countertops

If your kitchen is still stuck in an age where those aesthetics are rather ghastly now than they were back then, then you know its time to make a change. The countertops should complement the cabinet doors to create some uniformity but also chic style. Marble is expensive, so if your budget doesn’t allow for that, then go with something else that will create a beautiful finish for your new-look kitchen. Choose a material that is easy to clean.

Paso 3: Create an accent wall

Accent walls have a wonderful way of keeping things looking beautiful and contemporary. With an accent wall in your kitchen, you can create this lovely modern touch to your kitchen.

Paso 4: Change the lighting

Few things affect a kitchen or any space in the home the way lighting does. With the right lighting, you can create ambiance and highlight certain features of the room.

Paso 5: Change the backsplash

The backplash sets a nice tone for a kitchen, but if its old and outdated, it just won’t do. So change it up. Some people prefer some tile work and even a mosaic as their perfect kitchen backsplash. Remember, backsplashes can become very grimy and dirty fast, so with easy to clean materials, you’ll find maintenance a breeze.

Paso 6: Add a blackboard

Blackboards are fun, creative little things we could all use in the home. In the kitchen, it makes for a rustic and very charming extra. Don't forget to have the chalk on hand!

Paso 7: Take down a wall for added space

If you find your kitchen is too small, then taking down a wall may help you to create an open-plan and a more modern look for your kitchen. Removing a wall will cost you far less than having to extend and draw up plans for your property.

Paso 8: Add a handy herb garden

Herb gardens are easy to grow and are a fantastic addition to your kitchen – after all, you’ll have some of your ingredients locally grown and freshly picked!

Paso 9: Good use of space with hangers

Create even more space in your kitchen by hanging some utensils and items up. You’ll be freeing up cabinet space as well as counter space where possible.

Paso 10: Improve your windows

While you may not need to change your windows altogether, instead change or add some blinds and shutters that will give it a more modern fresh look. Some people even choose to leave their kitchen window bare especially if it has a lovely view.

Tip: invest in durable materials for your kitchen makeover as this will save you from having to repair or replace in a short span of time.

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