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Villa Boomerang 森吉直剛アトリエ/MORIYOSHI NAOTAKE ATELIER ARCHITECTS Baños de estilo moderno
Villa Boomerang 森吉直剛アトリエ/MORIYOSHI NAOTAKE ATELIER ARCHITECTS Baños de estilo moderno
Villa Boomerang 森吉直剛アトリエ/MORIYOSHI NAOTAKE ATELIER ARCHITECTS Baños de estilo moderno

Site : Hokuto, Yamanashi, Japan

Principal use : Villa

Total floor area : 140sqm

Number of floors : 2 upper floors

Structure : Wooden structure

“enclosed but calmly”

The site is located in the neighborhood at the south foot of the Yatsugatake elevation about 1000M. A weekend house that enables family members and friends to fully enjoy the surrounding nature of the vast extent of land was the request from a metropolitan dweller.    The first thing I decided was to calmly enclose the area 55 meters east-west and 28 meters north-south. Instead of confining the space, I aimed to harmonize the architecture with the surrounding environment while providing the view of the whole 1,500 square meters of the site without being disturbed by neighboring structures or being constricted with the concept of “enclosed but calmly”.   To embody the idea, I placed a living room in the middle with two arms stretching out to form a planar“boomerang” shape. The wall forming the boomerang shape and the large one-sided sloping roof helps to bring a wide field of view to look at from inside the room and achieve well-balanced harmony with the surrounding scenery.      A large deck just outside the living and dining area decreases in width as it extends to promenade and then to the eastern deck following the shape of the wall that is intersecting at an angle. Both terraces and promenade surround the site into an oval form and that draws nature into the room.  The entrance is, following the incline of the site, lowered by 1.6 meters.The roof above the entrance secures its access by guiding its direction when accumulated snow on the roof falls onto the ground.  The large triangular sloping roof which lengthens together to the terrace of the second floor while covering the terrace of the first floor. This large roof also steers away freezing wind coming down from the mountain during winter. The roof also provides the entire structure a sense of unity and a magnificent scenery. The structure of the house is rigid jointed frame to secure patency while supporting a roof and also ensuring the openness.  25mm Flat bars and M27 screw bolts are used to assure rigidity.  In the room, the exposed engineered lumber columns and beams create visual contrast with the backdrop of natural cedar ceiling while serving their structural purpose.

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