6 tricks to make your home cleaner than ever

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We all dream of that perfect clean and tidy home. We can clean, and clean, but sometimes the issue is that we have too much stuff! There are few places in the house that seem to miss our usual spring-purge routine and homify will direct your focus to them here. If you recognize any of these problems areas take this as your call to action to toss the old out. Once you dive in your house will be cleaner than ever!

Kitchen Clutter

You have to clean your kitchen often, to prevent bacteria from growing. In your daily kitchen clean you likely miss some things that have to be thrown out weekly. Old sponges and used dishcloths are some likely culprits, toss these out or in the washing machine. If you use one of those scrub brushes you should be tossing it regularly too, just because its used to clean things doesn't mean it stays clean itself. Fancy dishes you rarely use are probably dusty on the top shelves. Crumbs have likely gathered in your cutlery organizer. Once you clean these spaces out your kitchen will feel so much more inviting.  

The Shoe Closet

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Closet Space


Old shoes have a habit of sticking around for years. You think you'll wear them again someday, or you're keeping them for sentimental value, but do you really need to hold onto them? If you didn't wear them once during the last season, it's time to toss them. Even donate them to thrift stores, someone will love and use them. As for sentimental shoes, limit yourself to one pair of booties per baby, one pair of your wedding shoes, and one other pair of sentimental shoes. And, put them in storage!

Library Clutter

It's easy to collect a stack of magazines in the corner of your study, but magazines are usually only read once so throw them out. Old newspapers should only be kept as clippings of stories that you have a personal connection with. Organize these into a scrapbook for more efficient storage. Then take a look through your books, and consider tossing anything you haven't read but have had on the shelf for more than six months, anything you think you'll never read again, and especially consider getting rid of old school books that you tend to think will come in handy but which you haven't opened in years. 

Double Kitchen Accesories

50.2cm pull-out organiser simplehuman CocinaAlmacenamiento y despensa

50.2cm pull-out organiser


If you get a new set of pans nine times out of ten you don't throw out the old pans. Instead they clutter up your storage space. If you have double of anything in your kitchen drawers, pull it out and donate it. This is especially important for multiple sets of dishes and cups. How many cups does your family really use? Have you ever needed 30 dinner plates? If there's a chance you might hold a large party box the plates and put them in storage. Your cupboards will be a lot neater. 

Expired Food and Spices

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Bespoke oak larder


Check the expiration dates of the containers hiding in the back of your cupboards. Chances are, you'll find plenty that is ripe for the garbage can. If you've had spices for more than a year they've likely lost their flavour and gone stale, so chuck those as well. Make note of the spices you've used and replace them with smaller amounts, if possible. Ideally, you should use up your stock of a certain spice in six months, to keep them as tasty as possible. 

Linens and Clothes

The same rules apply to clothes that we discussed for shoes. If you didn't wear it once during the last season it can be worn in, you should donate it. Toss old towels that you don't want to use because they're ripped or discoloured. Better yet, cut them up first and salvage good pieces as face cloths or dish rags. Bed linen is another big culprit of clutter. If you have a queen sized bed you should have two fitted and two flat sheets for that bed. You should only have double as many pillow cases as you have pillows. If you have sheets for bed sizes that you don't own anymore, toss those too! 

Now that you've cleaned up, do you a whole bunch of garbage bags you need to get rid of? Check out these professionals who can take it all away. Still think there's more to be cleaned? Check out this messy house transformed into a true beauty, or even these storage tips for small spaces

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