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The Pretoria farmhouse that's fabulous

Leigh Leigh
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Olivehill Architects, South African professionals who pride themselves in modern and magnificent creations, have gone to the Irene Village in Pretoria and built a farmhouse that takes on a very unique twist. 

Today we will explore this contemporary farmhouse and see how fabulous farm living can truly be. We will also see how local architecture can compete with the best of the best when it comes to international design.

We are certain that you are curious to get started! Let's take a look.

The modern structure

From the outside of the house, we can see just how marvelous and modern this home is.

The house extends over two levels and features beige plaster that is interspersed with stone chunks of facade. The stone adds a wonderful rustic touch to the space, bringing us back to the fact that this is a farmhouse. 

Throughout the exterior, we can see how the designers have connected the interior with the exterior, thanks to balconies, terraces and large glass sliding doors and windows that create transparent boundaries between the two.  

The lighting throughout the exterior enhances and emphasises the detail of the facade, bringing warmth and charm to the architecture. Have a look at these: Outdoor lighting ideas for modern houses.

Another exterior shot

It looks even better from this angle! 

Warm interiors

If we head inside the home, we can see how wide open spaces are just as much apart of the interior as they are the exterior. The industrial screed flooring works in harmony with the rustic stone walls, bringing rural touches to the very stylish and modern home.

The designers have gone for very warm colours and textures, including a soft brown rug and burnt orange cushions. These bring some colour and life to the living room

We can also see that lighting plays as much as a role inside as it does outside. Natural light streams through the interior, while little lanterns and dimming lights have been installed throughout creating a wonderful and homely ambiance. 

Chic kitchen

The kitchen is large and spacious – a wonderful spot for the family to churn butter or taste fresh milk. 

The kitchen features the same industrial screed flooring, connecting it to the rest of the home. This material is also great for a kitchen as it is so easy to clean!

The beige cabinets and shelves work in harmony with the white and brown tones. They add a modern and retro look and feel to the kitchen. A touch of turquoise brings some colour and creativity to the kitchen. 

There is a kitchen island featured in this room, which creates an extra surface area for preparing food and storing kitchen items neatly away. There are also kitchen stools, allowing this island to be used for casual meals or cups of tea. This is a great addition to any modern family home!

A touch of personality

Remember that no matter how stylish your family home is – even if it is a farmhouse – it is still a home, so you want it to feature some personality, character and charm.

In this image, we can see how the designers have used the wall that runs parallel to the stairs to create a picture wall, featuring family photographs. This reminds the family of some of their favourite memories. Don't you love the colourful frames, which add vibrancy to the home?

Have a look at this ideabook: Display your wall art like a pro.

The wooden stairs are also a decor element in themselves, thanks to the floating stairs and stylish railing. Remember your functional items can double up as design pieces in your home too!

The cozy bedroom

The farmhouse bedroom features some very soothing colours in the form of different blue and green shades. Blue is a very peaceful and tranquil colour, ensuring that this room becomes a little cocoon for the residents. 

The room leads out onto a balcony, allowing ventilation and sunlight to flow into the bedroom – a great design tip. The blue curtains also allow for privacy and for the sunlight to be filtered in. 

The high ceilings remind us that this is a farmhouse as well as make the room look that much more spacious.

Arty bathroom

The bathroom is one of our favourite rooms in the house!

It features black and white colours, which create a very dramatic effect. There is also a large canvas artwork that takes up the entire space behind the bathtub. This makes us feel like we are in the middle of the forest, allowing the bathroom to become a very relaxing and meditative space. Can't you picture lying in a hot bubble bath and soaking in the artwork that surrounds the tub?

The incredibly modern features in the bathroom are the perfect finishes!

The lovely garden

We end off our tour back outside the home, where we can see how the balcony is encased in wooden slats. This brings warmth and charm to the exterior space as well as allows for a more private exterior space. 

We can also see how much garden space is available to the family here – this is a farmhouse after all! In order to ensure that you have the most stylish facade, ensure that your garden is well landscaped and looked after. 

This is a farmhouse that blows every other farmhouse out of the water. It is warm, charming and stylish!

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