From nightmare to dream home: an incredible makeover

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FASE ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI Jardines de estilo moderno
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A spacious family villa with a garden on the outskirts of beautiful Milan sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? When such a villa undergoes renovation to improve the aesthetics and functionality of its interior design, we look forward to a fabulous result! And the architects at Fase Architetti Associati guarantee this for us with the beautiful designs, rich hues, luxurious textures and unique accents that pepper this residence. From plush seating and exclusive chandeliers to gleaming surfaces, stunning wall decor, and gorgeous outdoor setting, the subtly opulent restructured home will take your breath away…

Before: under renovation

There's not a lot to be said for this property based on this drab and depressing image. We note that there is ample space within the villa but, at this stage, it's difficult to conjecture what the end result will be…

Before: redistributing spaces

One of the key elements of the renovation is a better distribution of spaces and the optimum utilisation of natural light. Let’s see how the structure looks at the end!

After: lavish living area

Nothing prepared us for this ultra-modern, fashionable look! The mesmerising futuristic lights hanging from the ceiling catch the eye instantly and we just can’t look away. The first impression we get is of a spacious, bright and monochromatic room with the white and black colour palette making a bold statement effortlessly. It is the second glance that then takes in the other colours – the brown tones and the pretty hues of the carpet that warm the room so subtly. The stylish colour palette, incredibly plush furnishings and elegant, minimalistic yet comfortable décor makes this large living area a striking, sophisticated and cosy space.

After: deluxe dining

The dining area continues to uphold the stylish white, black and brown colour trend. We love the gorgeous chandelier that adds a touch of glamour to the simple elegance of the round dining table and chairs. The tall lamp in one corner harmonizes with the attractive brown parquet warmly, too. As in the living area, the dining zone is filled with natural light and looks spacious and bright.

After: the snazzy kitchen

The new kitchen is the last word in modern functionality. The contemporary linear design of the furniture and fittings teams well with the cool and elegant colour palette of white and grey. The brown floor and soft glow emitted by the recessed lights add a warm note here. The key feature of this sophisticated kitchen is definitely the kitchen island. What a brilliant informal dining arrangement, with the most amazing ease of access between the stove and diners!

After: serenity and comfort in the bedroom

What a cosy and stylish décor scheme in the bedroom – a beautiful blend of the contemporary and classic that is so pleasingly illuminated by a wealth of natural light. We can imagine relaxing on the comfortable modern bed with a book from the classic nightstand. The wooden furniture and floor beautifully match the photo frames in various hues of brown adorning the wall. We love this novel and endearing way of decorating the bedroom!

After: pristine splendour

The cool and sophisticated minimalism of the bathroom is a treat for the eye. The contemporary and immaculate white of the walls and designer fittings is balanced by the intriguing floral grey tiles of the floor. The plant on the windowsill provides a pleasing splash of colour to the elegant surroundings, too.

After: a tranquil covered garden

A vision of contemporary style awaits us outside the house. The ingenious use of metal in designing the sleek structure in the garden is a bold statement in creativity! The unique woven chairs, the slatted roof and the cool grey colour palette contrast pleasingly with the beautiful green hedges, bushes and lofty trees. We have here a natural oasis perfect for open-air socialising.

The talented architects have done full justice to the task of optimally distributing the interior spaces of this sophisticated villa, taking full advantage of natural light. The property exudes a cool, contemporary charm with a blend of modern and classic furniture in a predominantly minimalist setting. This family home has indeed been successfully restructured into a dream abode! Here’s another before & after story to give you more ideas: An empty home's sparkling makeover.

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