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​The cosy little home you'll wish was yours

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Casas de estilo rústico de Fainzilber Arqts. Rústico
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We all know that living in a stylish and practical home is not just about feeling comfortable. There is also pride involved, in the sense of “showing off” (perhaps that’s too strong a statement, but you get the message). We want others to notice our stunning spaces, our fashionable furniture, and our nice layouts, whether it be the kitchen, the dining room, or the backyard porch. 

That is why today’s homify 360° piece has us so excited, for it shows off all of the above (and then some), which makes it the picture-perfect home for the young family seeking a charming suburban life. 

In addition, the designers added some expert touches, like the warm earthy colours and natural materials such as stone and bamboo, further elevating this house’s status from “nice” to “must have”.

See for yourself…

The charming front façade

Galería en acceso principal Casas de estilo rústico de Fainzilber Arqts. Rústico
Fainzilber Arqts.

Galería en acceso principal

Fainzilber Arqts.

Does anybody else get a slight Mexican vibe when viewing this front entrance? The potted cactuses, the rustic wood… it’s almost as if the homeowners are going to be swinging those doors open any minute and offer us Margaritas! 

But seriously, this covered porch provides a beautiful space due to its expert use of materials, like the roof’s ceramic tiles and raw timber adorning the front door.

Cooling off

Ventana cocina al frente Casas de estilo rústico de Fainzilber Arqts. Rústico
Fainzilber Arqts.

Ventana cocina al frente

Fainzilber Arqts.

Here and there we can locate neat little niches inserted into the façade, bringing shadows to the exterior surfaces and, thus, helping to keep the interior spaces cool. And just look how beautifully those niches are decorated with potted plants, adding colour, freshness, and lovely scents to this family home. 

See homify’s fantastic collection of plants and flowers for your gardening ideas.

Striking stone

The living room presents a strong combination of charm and style, not the least of which is achieved by a stone-clad wall flaunting its presence as a focal piece perfectly. Although this may have been a fireplace at one time, the current owners decided to transform it into a bar area – perhaps those welcoming Margaritas may still happen! 

Bright light seeps indoors thanks to the windows, beautifully lighting up the polished wooden floors

Our favourite pieces here? The two fun-patterned back chairs in the front, adding some delightful contrast and colour into the earthy colour scheme.

The oh-so spacious kitchen

Cocina integrada Cocinas de estilo rústico de Fainzilber Arqts. Rústico
Fainzilber Arqts.

Cocina integrada

Fainzilber Arqts.

Although hitting all the right style notes, we think this kitchen has two main strong points: its spacious layout, and the abundance of cabinetry which help out with storage and clutter. 

Flaunting a monochrome look, the kitchen’s visual spaciousness is further enhanced thanks to the natural lighting flooding inside.

The bedroom of colour

Dormitorio principal Habitaciones de estilo rústico de Fainzilber Arqts. Rústico
Fainzilber Arqts.

Dormitorio principal

Fainzilber Arqts.

On to the main bedroom, where some delightful lilacs take control of the colour palette. And it would seem the homeowners also have a liking for the classical style, for it can be seen in the side tables as well as that majestic headboard.

The open backyard space

Vista exterior parte trasera de la casa Casas de estilo rústico de Fainzilber Arqts. Rústico
Fainzilber Arqts.

Vista exterior parte trasera de la casa

Fainzilber Arqts.

The back yard is where the fun, socialising, and entertainment take place – how could it not with such as spacious lawn and covered porch flaunting a myriad of seating- and relaxation spots? 

Right above you will notice a charming balcony complete with timber pergola ensuring a bit of shade. Now doesn’t that look like the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee? And evening wine?

The rustically elegant touches

Sector de parrila Jardines de invierno de estilo rústico de Fainzilber Arqts. Rústico
Fainzilber Arqts.

Sector de parrila

Fainzilber Arqts.

We close off our tour with a sneak peek at the covered barbeque area, complete with stone bar and wooden stools. The same earthy tones from the interiors make their appearances, as do the cactus touches we noticed at the main entrance. 

What a fabulous spot for those weekend get-togethers! 

Thinking about building your own barbeque area back home? Allow us to offer some suggestions, like our guide to: Creating your own braai terrace.

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