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Renovation: the home that went from ugly to unique

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The hardest thing with any home makeover is turning a not-so-amazing space into something unique and memorable, without rebuilding anything. Knowing which original characteristics and design features of a building to keep, and which to get rid of is where the professionals excel at restoration and renovation. And the team at OAK 2000 have made that decision wisely in this compact apartment in Barcelona. 

It's the things like the original wooden door frames and window frames that make this apartment a beautiful home, despite it's former state. The restoration team have preserved what makes this old home special, and exaggerated its other beautiful areas, like the tiling on the floor and balcony. They have revamped the interior without taking away the history of the place, which is a major accomplishment in itself. 

Before: Dirty, Dusty And Dated

Before the restoration project began, this apartment looked more like a school dormitory from the 1970's. Those doorways with frosted glass above them are horrible. The whole structure feels very closed in and restrictive. Those dirty yellow walls are ghastly and no one wants to live with that dated laminate flooring and piles of rubbish everywhere. So please, let's look at the changes that were so desperately needed to be made…

After: Stripped Back To The Basics

You can see just how much of the structure was cleared away. The team have stripped back unnecessary walls and partitions that crowded the space. Now the foundation beams are exposed, the ceiling is higher, the bulky door frames have been removed. This is not the biggest apartment, but it feels a lot more spacious than it did previously. And look how amazing those patches of tiles are. 

Doors That Open Up The Room

No doubt this old apartment was built from beautiful old wood that has only gotten better with age. So, while painting the rest of the home white, the design team have restored, or even replaced the doors to the balcony, and boy, does it change everything. Those tall grand doors lengthen the room and add to the illusion of space. And that caramel colour of the wood retains a rustic, homely feeling. 

A Quiet And Modest Kitchen

The kitchen is almost camouflaged on the side wall of the main room thanks to the smooth, sleek design of those cupboards and the clever disguise of the range hood. The ventilation pipe that is also kept white adds that industrial touch, fitting with the low hanging light in the right hand corner. This kitchen is casual, minimal and just right for a room without much space. A colourful kitchen here would ruin the harmony of the room.

The Most Perfect Little Bathroom

The bathroom is paired back, simple and super modern. Ceramic tiles are again a major part of the design, this time in muted colors to not restrict the space. The glass door to the shower and large mirror above the vanity keep the space feeling open. Overall, this is one classic, timeless and simple bathroom that is easy to clean, and requires next to no maintenance. Add some hanging plants and it's perfect! 

Learn how to choose the right tiles for your own bathroom here

A Cozy Bedroom On A Different Level

And finally the master bedroom that sits to the side down the hallway. Despite not being fully closed off from the rest of the house, the privacy is still there thanks to the split level and the position of the bed that is tucked around the corner. A totally easy and casual bedroom, you don't need much else. There is the added bonus of the glass door that opens up to the balcony for some fresh air and space for plants. No need for fussy curtains that take up space here. 

This restoration job has turned this city apartment into a modern, intimate and cozy little home complete with some incredible unique tiling. What more could you want?

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