​10 perfect ideas for your small kitchen

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​10 perfect ideas for your small kitchen

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Cocinas de estilo  por José Tiago Rosa, Minimalista
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We all know how quickly small areas can get gobbled up by various items, especially if it’s a room that is used for both working and socialising – such as the kitchen. Yes, a kitchen plays venue to many activities, from cooking and dining to entertaining and working, which is why a small kitchen can sometimes be less ideal in terms of storage and movement.

Well hold on before you phone up that builder, as tearing down a wall for a bigger kitchen is not your only option! Nope, simpler and smaller (and more budget-friendly) tricks do happen to exist, and we have 10 of them right here.

So, sit back, take note, and let’s see which of these tips you’ll be able to use in your small kitchen.

1. Decent inventory

Before you dream up any new appliances and accessories for your kitchen, first consider if you really have the space for them. The latest and greatest coffee machine is fantastic, but you don’t need to have three different models, for example. 

Donate some of your older pieces before acquiring new ones.

2. Multi-functional elements

A tiny space means having to get the most out of that limited legroom, which brings us to multi-functional elements, like a peninsula. Not only does it provide countertop surface for working/cooking/storage, but it can also be used as an informal dining area.

3. Hidden gems

 de estilo  por homify, Moderno

Large appliances can really overwhelm a small kitchen; thus, if possible, hide elements which don’t need to be seen, like the refrigerator appearing to be just a regular cabinet seen in our example above.

4. Do opt for drawers

 de estilo  por homify, Moderno

Drawers provide a perfectly accessible way to reach those spices and other elements required for your cooking frenzy. Make sure you have a few installed in your tiny kitchen.

5. Be careful with colour

Not only do colours help to add visual spaciousness, they can also separate different areas from one another in an open-plan layout. See, for example, how the light neutrals above announce the dining area, while also bringing a lighter and brighter vision to the kitchen as they contrast with the dark cabinetry.

6. Hide the trash

Cocinas de estilo  por Harvey Jones Kitchens, Moderno
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Painted Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

It’s impossible not to have a trash can in the kitchen, yet you do not have to see it all the time. Rather hide that can behind a cupboard door to keep your culinary space free from unsightly messes and unwanted scents.

This is certainly not a new idea, but it definitely is a popular one!

7. Use vertical surfaces

Go up and down rather than sideways. These magnetic spice holders that attach to the side of your fridge, for example, are so eye-catching and clever that we can’t imagine any small kitchen not having them.

8. Lighting tips

 de estilo  por GUTMAN+LEHRER ARQUITECTAS, Moderno

estantes en acero inoxidable


Don’t just opt for a main overhead ceiling light in your small kitchen: any surface where you’ll be working with sharp utensils need to be perfectly lit, via wall scones, table lamps, etc. 

But we also advise to install lighting beneath your cabinetry and shelves, which can help illuminate your entire space quite stylishly.

9. Vibrant patterns

A bit of detail is always welcome, even in small spaces. This narrow kitchen above is not afraid to flaunt it, thanks to those striking backsplash tiles making a patterned appearance. 

Remember: you do not need lots of space for lots of style!

10. Suspended storage

Cocinas de estilo  por homify, Moderno

The vertical solution really is a life-saver for small areas, so opt for hanging up those utensils, pots, pans, and whatever else doesn’t have storage room. This way you can free up some cabinet space for other kitchen items. 

In the spirit of smarter storage solutions, let’s take a look at these 14 mind-blowing storage ideas that will improve your small home.

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