How to choose a stylish rug for your home

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Forest Wendy Morrison Paredes y suelosAlfombras
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Rugs date back to the Neolithic age (around 7000 B.C), and considering their vast and impressive history, they're often an item that is neglected in the overall interior design of our domestic spaces. Within living rooms, larger items and bulky furniture pieces tend to reign supreme in terms of importance. We place a great deal of significance in choosing a stylish and comfortable dining chair, bed, or sofa, but tend to neglect the importance of a well-chosen floor covering. Rugs not only look fabulous, they tie the room together, and ensure a cohesion between the living space and its furniture. Generally, rugs are not an inexpensive purchase, so it makes practical sense to ensure you pick the right one. 

Don’t rush your decision: a rug will exert a strong influence on the aesthetics of the space, and the wrong rug can make a room feel chaotic and fragmentary. Nowadays, there are numerous options, styles, colours and designs available. If you are unsure where to begin when choosing a cover for your floor, let homify help with the following handy hints and stylish examples below.

A contemporary classic

Deirdre Dyson PAPILLION hand knotted wool and silk rug Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd Salas de estilo clásico
Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd

Deirdre Dyson PAPILLION hand knotted wool and silk rug

Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd

With the motif of a butterfly wing perfectly enlarged and placed upon the floor of this classy and refined living space, this rug evokes a sense of taste and style. Even though this rug is within a traditional and heritage designed setting, the contemporary pattern manages to traverse age, and instead offers a wonderful infusion of colour and life into the space. Pair this rug with classic items, or within a modern room with contemporary furniture, it really is a versatile and original design.

Geometric lines

Geometric linear motifs are making a comeback this season, and what better way to get on board with this hip and happening style, than with a beautiful new rug. This is a brilliant example of a simple pattern that would work in countless settings. It is modern and looks fabulous combined with the cubist modular sofa and ottoman, as well as the shiny chrome side tables. Choose a rug in a neutral grey with a white stripe to ensure the timelessness of your new purchase.

Botanic prints for the floor and wall

Forest rug by Wendy Morrison Wendy Morrison Paredes y suelosAlfombras
Wendy Morrison

Forest rug by Wendy Morrison

Wendy Morrison

Who doesn’t love botanic prints? They evoke a sense of the wild wilderness, whilst embracing a little nature and organic ambience. This is a great example from Wendy Morrison of a modern rug in a neutral colour scheme that is able to subtly infuse the home with a sense of delicate life. Furthermore, the pattern is repeated in a contrasting black rug hung upon the wall. Rugs don’t necessarily need to be placed on the ground, they make excellent wall hangings and can infuse a space with style, pizzazz and a sense of refined design nous.

The shag rug

A retro and revisited classic, the shag rug has recently seen a resurgence in popularity, and is a great way to warm up a contemporary space. This example is a brilliant indicator of how a shag rug can turn a hard floor into a soft and sumptuous living space. The beauty of a shag rug is its flexibility within different living spaces, from contemporary minimalist homes, to traditional fusion style, a thick piled rug can exude warmth, comfort and homeliness.

Clean and crisp

Flatweaves ~ Chevron installed in Melbourne, Australia Cavalcanti Salas modernas

Flatweaves ~ Chevron installed in Melbourne, Australia


If minimal, versatile, and effective is your cup of tea, then take a look at this stylish and perfectly balanced rug. Replete with a hardwearing fabric, yet exuding a soft and homely feeling, this rug is a brilliant way to segregate and segment your living areas, and ensure the living space is comfortable and useable.

A historic collection

The Pattern House reForm Architects Salas modernas
reForm Architects

The Pattern House

reForm Architects

Who can look past the traditional rugs from yesteryear? This contemporary space has wonderfully introduced several heritage style rugs which work perfectly to contrast against the sleek and chic modern interior design. A traditional rug hand-loomed rugs offers an essence of style and timelessness within a space, and with plenty of artisan made rugs from the Middle East, Asia, India, and across the globe, it can be simple to find a stylish design for your home.

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