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The Palatial Russian Apartment

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Are you a fan of extravagant, palatial glamour? If so, you're in for a treat! This amazing apartment, designed by Moscow's B&L Studio, pulls out all the stops to create an extraordinarily luxurious abode, with myriad opulent design details.

Upon entry to the home its evident that we're visiting somewhere special, as large art deco mirrors frame the portal to a majestic lobby lined in silver wallpaper and furnished with an inviting, satin chaise. Moving through to the living room and we're met with even more glamorous finishes and furnishings, with sunlight flowing through large windows to illuminate a set of comfortable, modern couches, a sleek, black coffee table and a delicate chandelier hanging overhead. The designers made a bold statement with the home's dining room, which has been decorated in glossy silver, but for an acid green artwork drawing focus within the room. Similarly the home's bedrooms each make unique aesthetic statements, with the first vibrant and engaging, furnished with classic forms in unconventional colours, and the other sleepy and soothing in silvery tones.

If you're a fan of homes that pack plenty of decorative punch, then you'll adore this palatial, Russian pad. Take a tour below and tell us what you think!

Opulent entrance

The entrance to this extraordinary home gives a taste of the almost overwhelming opulence found within, as palatial glamour characterises every inch of the amazing apartment. Twin art deco mirrors frame the doorway, while chequered marble flooring in white and black exudes classic elegance underfoot.

Ornate ceilings in pale tones flow above, creating a sense of lofty glamour, and a satin chaise rests in the distance, presenting a luxurious, relaxing lobby feature. 

Luxurious living room filled with light

The living room in the apartment has also been decorated with elegance and glamour in mind, with its high, white ceilings, soft, pink walls and dark timber floors dressed in a range of luxurious textiles. Palatial, patterned drapes flow across the room's expansive windows, which invite natural illumination to circulate within, while couches of thick, woven cotton host an array of satin cushions for maximum comfort. 

The sheen of glass adds an element of delicacy within the space, as an ornate, white chandelier hangs overhead, balanced by the sleek, black coffee table below.

Uniquely decorated dining room

The dining room within the apartment presents a truly unique design, with the unusual shape of the dining chairs, the curves of the credenza and the vibrant, acid green artwork combining for a bold effect. The room's foundational palette is glossy silver, with the shade seen in the credenza, dining chairs and even throughout the room's pale, patterned wallpaper. 

The glow of the green artwork draws focus within the space, and is subtly offset by the delicacy of a glass light feature hanging above the dining setting, waiting to provide a sense of dinner party ambience.

Deep black in the kitchen

The kitchen is sleek and mysterious in black, with the shade creating a sense of depth within the space, and presenting a striking deviation from the traditional white and stainless steel decor characterising many modern kitchen designs. Black cabinets and cupboards frame a sleek sink unit, while a large kitchen island houses the stove and provides further storage options. 

The benches are trimmed in light green marble, adding a contrasting colour to the dark space, which has been set upon an slightly elevated, black dais to delineate the kitchen from the dining and living areas.

Vibrantly coloured bedroom

When examining the home's bedrooms we're met with some uniquely designed spaces, with this one featuring a range of deep, vibrant tones. The purple and green hues of the bed and chaise set this space apart from its counterparts within the apartment, enlivening the classic forms of these furnishings with unconventional colour choices. 

Ornate walls and ceilings in pale tones frame the space, which is beautifully lit by soft sunshine flowing through its large windows, as well as by the two majestic chandeliers hanging overheard.

Stone and tile finishes in the bathroom

The home's primary bathroom appears resplendent and luxurious, having been finished with intricate stone tiles, both large and small, in contrasting colours. Black marble frames the shower unit, with this shade also reflected in the sleek, contemporary sink and vanity. Black marble also lines the shower walls, both in large panels and in an intricate array of mosaic tiles. 

The walls and floors of the bathroom have been decorated in lighter, warmer tones however, with small tiles and wallpaper in a yellow hue contributing an inviting counterpoint to the black of the shower and sink unit.

The sleepy sheen of silver

This bedroom couldn't be more different than its predecessor, with the vibrancy of purple and green replaced by the sleepy sheen of silver. Light flows into the space, softly bouncing off its silver wallpaper and bed linen and creating a serene, soothing effect. A luxurious, patterned velvet sofa rests against the wall, while a classic writing desk has been placed by the room's windows. It stands poised to admire the view beyond the beautiful, billowing curtains framing the panes of glass.

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