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The Salazar House is a lovely family vacation home situated in Giradot, Cundinamarca. The main idea with this structure, designed by Pulido Architects from Bogota, was to create a country-style vacation home with a modern inclination. This was certainly not an easy task, as the property is limited to a mere 500 square metres and situated in an urban environment.

Colombians are, however, known for their creativity and avid response to challenges, whether it comes to food, music or architecture. This is clear from the resultant building we will see today. Pulido Architect’s speciality is contemporary design and finding alternatives, so it comes as no surprise that they were able to design this cutting-edge holiday paradise, whilst including the country-style aesthetic in the home’s interiors.

Have we sparked an interest in you for this Latin American project?

Well, why don’t you join us to take a closer look!

Strategic façade

The façade of the Salazar House is singular in appearance. Although it follows current trends in architecture and design with the strong geometric features in concrete, it also seems to have something special.

We can see the geometric volumes connecting with each other, but the brown vein surrounding two of these boxes creates diversity in the otherwise white façade, and leads the onlooker’s eye across the structure. It also balances the building in terms of visual weight. 

Surrounding the front of the house is a bed of lush vegetation and some palms are incorporated into the structure. Not only does does add a graceful natural element, but the greenery also creates striking contrasts with the white background. 

Pristine pool area

Taking a look at the home from the rear, we find a spectacular pool area. The azure pool reflects the brilliant sky above it, and if you find yourself in this area, you must truly feel like your holiday has started. 

The large pool area consists of various sections: a deeper swimming pool area, a shallow pond space, and even a jacuzzi to the right. It caters to all your needs regarding water-based recreation! The surface of the pool is paved in fine tiles of various blues and white, creating a shimmering mosaic that adds depth and movement to feature. 

At the rear of this picture we can see a hedge of tropical plants with a twofold purpose: to create a holiday atmosphere and to establish some privacy between the property and its neighbours. 

Contrasting interiors

The tonal theme we saw on the façade of the home in the first picture is continued inside the home, as we can see in this image of the home's entryway. Brilliant white is layered with and contrasted by dark, heavy features, such as the columns, stair treads and furniture. The result is that the onlooker's eye jumps around between the heavier features, clearly delineating positive and negative space in the area. It also creates a focal point around the house's front door, neatly framed by the bold columns.

The flooring in this area consists of natural stone, which immediately adds a touch of sophistication to the space. It is also a material which is easy to clean, ensuring that the room can always look spotless and sanitary. Perfect for first impression – just what you want from and entrance hall!

Top deck

Puente de comunicación habitación segundo piso Casas modernas de homify Moderno Ladrillos

Puente de comunicación habitación segundo piso


When we move up the stairs and onto the walkway of the second floor, we can see what the architects meant by retaining a somewhat country style in the home. The banister railings are reminiscent of dark wooden elements used in country style homes. Simplicity, which is a tenet of country living, is also key in these spaces. The features of the physical space is robust and bold, requiring little ornamentation or decoration. What you see is all there is to it, and that's enough. 

The architects also made optimal use of space with this arrangement, limiting the width of the walkway to allow for more open space, and making use of built-in shelves in the corners of the area as to eliminate dead space. 

Into the open

What the Salazar House offers is wide open living spaces. This is evident in the open-plan design of the lower level of the home, with all of the rooms and space blending into each other, yet still delineated as independent spaces by the arrangement of furniture and use of materials. 

For the dining and living room, the interior designer has made use of classic rattan furniture, which goes very well with vacation homes. What's more, the outdoor furniture on the porch is made of this same material, which creates a continuity between the spaces and breaks the divide between the indoors and outdoors. This freedom of movement is an ideal feature of holiday home. 

Last look at luxury

Lastly, we find ourselves lingering by the jacuzzi in the outdoors of the house. The space is surrounded by indigenous vegetation which grows vigorously along the poolside. We can even see a charming plant perched high above ground level in a little alcove in the home's façade.

This goes to show that the architects clearly had this multitude of plants in mind when designing the house, as they allowed for designated spaces in the actual structure of the building for this vegetation. The result that we see is a commitment to natural integration in the project, which has benefits for the well-being of plants and humans alike!

If you'd like to keep the holiday vibe going, visit: An Idyllic Vacation Home.

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