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Distinct living room designs

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The living room, known as the lounge room to some, is a central meeting place of our homes. It can serve many different functions, including a place to gather at the end of the day, a place to share stories, to watch TV, or to share a meal. It is often a place we display family photos, and it is a true reflection of those who inhabit the home. It should be a place where we can express our individuality and creativity. A very basic living room might consist of some bland couches, neutral colours, maybe some small photos or some indoor plants. Today we are going to showcase some of the boldest living rooms designs, from crazy lighting to eclectic couches, unique furnishings and crazy colour combinations. Take a closer look at these quirky living rooms ideas from our India experts below.

Kissable couch

A quirky take on an often simple piece of furniture, this two seater couch looks like a pair of kissable lips. Rounded edges on the couch blend with the smooth curves of the vases beside, while the sharp lines of the wall hangings are parrelel to the lines on the floor. This eye popping colour scheme excites our eyes and wets our lips at the same time.


This dreamy lounge is the true example of a room with a 'wow' factor. Where do you start? This crazy lounge concept has been thoughtfully designed by Mybeautifullife designers in Mumbai. The static-like lighting on the roof is mirrored on the polished tile flooring below, immediately igniting our senses and making us feel like we have walked straight into a plasma globe! The art installation hanging from the roof also reminds us of plasma balls and will surely delight the art aficionados amongst us. The pink down lights are in keeping with the plasma globe theme, adding to the space age feel of this room.

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Apple green

Simple yet effective design is present in this lounge room design concept from Amazing Print Media in Harayana. Simple, clean furnishings have been matched with the apple green of the rug and throw cushions, making this room ever so inviting and tasty. This eye popping green looks so tasty it makes us want to start eating the furnishings!

Changing moods

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Another Mumbai-based firm bringing crazy lighting concepts into the modern living room is Zero9, with their lighting ideas taking centre stage in this open plan lounge room that has been amalgamated with the dining area. LED lights have been fitted into the facades of the roof, and also been hidden in some of the furniture. The synchronised mood lighting is reflected beautifully around the space by the room length mirror, and it can easily be controlled using an ipad or iphone.

Outdoor lounging

The warmer climes of India do not always tempt us to stay inside. Enjoying the outdoors is a past time of many, so why not utilise the beautiful Indian weather to create a lounge room setting outdoors. Many balmy nights could be spent here, lounging and enjoying the company of family and friends. A very relaxed vibe is given off by this space, with casual floor lounging and comfortable throw cushions.

Yin & yang

A very original living room design, creating a lounge area where the couch itself plays an interactive role, as one half of the yin yang symbol. Yin yang is a Chinese theory of opposing or contrary forces, coming together as one to actually be complimentary. Here we see an organic, neutral tone from the timber lounge, merging in the yin yang symbol with the stark bright white to create a bespoke, dualism-inspired space.

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