5 fresh and modern flats we can learn something from

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House of Nishimikuni arbol Salas modernas
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If it feels as though your flat is stuck in the dark ages and you are keen to give it an injection of modernity, read on. We understand that the urge to be cutting edge bleeds into your home design and when you feel your home is starting to look a little stale, it's something you just can't shake.

With that in mind, we've found five of the coolest, freshest and most modern flats out there, to give you a little guidance and inspiration for your home revamp.

Whatever your style, aesthetic preferences or motivating factors, we think you'll love all of these amazing homes so take a look and get ready to start planning your new design scheme!

1. Throughly modern minimalism

You don't need an interior designer to achieve this look but if you want to brighten and modernise your home, we don't think natural minimalism can easily be beaten. It makes each and every room feel larger, more relaxed and timeless.

Natural wood and huge amounts of white will freshen up a home in mere minutes but for the ultimate in modern touches, you should also keep an eye out for some statement retro furniture items. There's something so sharp about the contrast of old furniture with a minimalist scheme that will really highlight your aesthetic.

2. Keep the kids in mind

If you have a family, keep all the younger members in mind and use their interests and development as inspiration when adding contemporary twists and touches to your home. You'll love what a dramatic impact this can have.

We think this climbing wall, set up for juniors, not only makes the flat interactive, it also looks great and is a real talking point. Installing it in a communal area, such as an open plan kitchen/dining/living room, makes the space look really funky and would help to make meal times pretty interesting!

3. Don't be so insular

House of Nishimikuni arbol Salas modernas

House of Nishimikuni


We love this flat and would 100% emulate it if we could so that the focus in all our rooms would be the great outdoors instead of just four walls. Making green space the star is a great way to avoid the pitfall of a dated or uninspiring home.

We love how the walls are basically nonexistent, having been replaced with windows and doors, whilst the wooden floor and furniture really help embrace nature. Blink and you could miss the dining table!

4. Expose your inner workings

Remember at school when you used to have to show your workings in maths exams? Well, we think this is the interior design equivalent and it's fabulous! Far from hiding all the wiring in pursuit of perfect finishes, this fresh and modern flat has nothing to hide.

By leaving the ceiling open it makes the room feel far bigger and the industrial vibe necessitates careful furniture choices. The overall feel is super cool, leaving us feeling inspired to consider ripping out some plasterboard at home!

5. Make every room your own

Fancy a slide somewhere? Install one! Love the idea of a swing in the kitchen? Why not do it? This flat has inspired us no end, giving us all the ideas we need to really embrace our own tastes and style. There's nothing more modern that what you love right now, after all.

Hanging utensils, mismatched chairs and diagonal floorboards all look amazing because they are what the owners really love. So, by all means be inspired by these fabulous homes but try to stay true to who you are and create a fresh space that you'll feel really at peace in.

For more modern home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Magnificent Modern Bedroom Ideas.

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