10 ways to a perfect all-white interior

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10 ways to a perfect all-white interior

April Kennedy April Kennedy
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Super clean and sparkling white walls are just about the best start you can make with any home decor. White makes a room feel airy, peaceful and clean. It lays the foundation for other hues and makes a colour scheme feel cohesive but not crowded. It also tends to make small accent colours pop and fill a room with energetic zing! Some of us are just so in love with the fresh ambience of a white interior that we barely add any other colours at all.

So today, we are going to present 10 sparkling white interiors. We'll include all-white homes and others with a few splashes of colour. There are lots of ideas here to help figure out how to make white work for you!

1. A cool Nordic living room

All white interiors are definitely the hallmark of Scandinavian design. This Nordic cool living room has the same brilliant illuminated feel we saw in the other rooms. This time, we also have classic Scandi typographic framed prints, pale grey and of course, pale wood. Wood and white are two elements that will always work well together in a design.

2. Serene white bedroom

There are a few rooms in the home where white really comes into its own – and the bedroom is one of them. This all-white bedroom feels peaceful and utterly serene. Note how the colour accents are soft and subdued. Although we love fresh bursts of colour, the bedroom is really the place to avoid intense or energising hues.

3. All-white furnishings

Master Bedroom Habitaciones modernas de TG Studio Moderno
TG Studio

Master Bedroom

TG Studio

The angles and edges of the white furnishings blend in to each other creating a very airy, open and almost dreamy ambience. The pale wooden floors are the perfect choice for this room.

4. Fresh, energetic white room

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The blazing illumination of a primarily white room will really draw attention to its smallest colourful elements. Just check out this beautiful little white hallway and eating nook! It may be white, but it's certainly cosy.

5. White with a little drama

The tiniest black elements add a whole lot of drama to an all-white room. But be careful not to use too much. The dramatic monochrome living room has just about the perfect amount of black.

6. The perfect white kitchenette

White is perfectly suited to a kitchen – and this is particularly so in a small kitchen. This gleaming white kitchenette is tiny, but has a perfectly sophisticated feel. Note the addition of chrome handles. Chrome, brass and metal elements are always good accompaniments to white.

7. White minimalism at its best

White is not just the hallmark of Scandinavian style, but a favourite of minimalist designers too. This perfectly clean white bedroom and bathroom is a great example of minimalist design at its finest.

8. Carefree and creative white bedroom

The Bed Habitaciones modernas de ArqRender Moderno

The Bed


We tend to feel more creative in white interiors. Eliminating colours and distractions tends to encourage the mind to explore new connections and roam freely. White is a great choice if you want to go for a carefree and creative decor.

9. A Mediterranean beach apartment

The dazzling white coastline of the Mediterranean is dotted with countless white homes. This gorgeous white beach home is the perfect example of how sophisticated a white interior can be. You don't need to add colour, just let the cool sea view imbue the room with energy.

10. White textures

People sometimes fear that a wholly white interior might look boring or lack variety. However, these interiors simply need lots of textures to come alive! This white bedroom is a great example of how beautifully this can be done.

If you're in the mood for more decorating, this project is sure to appeal: The small apartment of big ideas.

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