Studio Snowpuppe

Chestnut lamp

Look & feel 

This lampshade has a cornered outside and a curved inside.The curved inside is quite unexpected. Just like the first time you open a chestnut and see that it is very round and curved on the inside.This lampshade is folded of 1 piece of special Autumn Yellow paper of the type Butterfly.The strong folds and curved folds on the inside play with the light.Designed by Kenneth and Nellianna


The lamp gives smooth, cozy light. It is very suitable for above the dining table for everyday use or for use in a bedroom.The lampshade fits around a standard energy-saving lightbulb.It is suitable for use as the only source of light in the room.


The dimensions of this lampshade are:

-18 cm / 7 inch height;

-28 cm / 11 inch diameter.